Keeping your grass green during hot weather or long periods of no rain can be very tricky.  Even the Toledo are can have weather hot enough to keep the grass from staying green.  Nobody wants dead grass!  Luckily we are here to help.

Our friends over at HGTV posted an excellent article giving some tips on keeping your grass alive during summer.  You can find that article here: (, but we will point out the high notes.

  • Keep Your Grass Longer – This allows the roots to grow deeper where turf is more dense, requiring less water.  A blade length of 4 inches should do for summer.
  • Sharpen Mower Blades – If your blade is dull, it could cause the grass to fray.  When you fray your grass, there is a higher chance it will turn brown.
  • When To Mow – Don’t mow as often and when you do cut, do it early on in the day or wait for the evening when the sun has gone down.  Fresh cut grass + hot sun = brown grass.
  • Mulch – Rather than bagging up clippings, mulch the grass.  This will help retain moisture to keep your lawn better hydrated and cooler.
  • Fertilizing – Typically you can skip fertilizing during the summer.  However, get your soil tested for deficiencies and use an organic, time-release fertilizer to minimize on browning.
  • When To Water – Watering about an inch a week will keep the lawn healthy.  Recommended time to water is during morning hours to allow moisture to be absorbed before the sun evaporates it.


We are confident that if you follow these tips you can keep your lawn looking nice and healthy this summer, just like one of our clients lawns you see below!  Have any other tips?  Feel free to leave them in the comment section.